Gabby has had more visitors!!

Yesterday, Gabby said hello to her good pal JJ. Believe it or not, JJ is only 6 weeks older than G. Doesn't seem that way though. They had a great time, though Basia tells me that they didn't even acknowledge each other. What a hoot!

She also had a visit with her cousins Stephanie and Jason...not to mention the visits over the weekend with the Shafers, a couple of Rabbs, and an Andruk! Wild!

These are yesterday's pictures

and these are today's


After a splendid day

I came home from work and got to try out the new baby carrier that Basia picked up today. We decided that since Gabby need to be held constantly, a sling may be in order, especially since she isn't big enough for her baby bjorn yet.

today's photos


Sometimes you feel like a nut...

Sometimes you don't.

There are moments when I really feel like we're figuring out how to take care of Gabby. Then there are momnets when I'm really confused, and think I've simply been lucky up until now. Toady was one of those days. Both kinds.

No PHOTOS please!!!

This afternoon, I spent at least 2 hours trying to calm my little girl. I tried changing her diaper. Feeding her mommy's milk via bottle. Carrying her. Swinging her. Cuddling her. Wrapping her up in a tight swaddle. Wrapping her in a loose swaddle. Everything. Still she continued to cry/whine. Finally, I handed my darling off to her Babci (that's her grandmother, for all y'all polish illiterates). Babci educated me in the art of massaging out her gas bubbles. And sure enough, after Gabby belched out a few more godd ones she calmed. Chock one up to experience.

Earlier in the day, Gabby had some tummy time and floor time on her new activity mat. Funny I didn't see much activity coming from the mat.

As I watch my New England Patriots start the second half of the superbowl, I bid thee farewell.

Look I'm a piano player!!!