Day care update

Good news people. After much a do...(as I type this, I am figuratively knocking on wood) our little Gabby is adapting to day care.

Monday, B hung with G for the entire 2 hours. The people there did most of the caring and playing, but B was there to give pointers, and support. Things went well.

Wednesday, B and I held hands and dropped our little girl at day care for her first time. We left and hung out at a coffee shop for a bit. I worked, and B read... When we returned to pick the smunchkin up 2 hours later, the entire infant group was out for a walk. One instructor (is that what they're called?) was pushing 6 kids in a jumbo stroller cart, and two other instructors had a set of kids in twin strollers. Gabby apparently slept through the walk, and was chill. Rock on little dude. B dropped Gabby again today, and things went similarly as well as yesterday. Jolly good news. I was a little worried for a bit.

Later this afternoon, the ladies were visited by Kendra and William, and Donna and James. After a bite, the six of them strolled Jamaica Pond twice. Ain't that nice?

Last night, I had a "Time for Dads" baby group. Unfortunately for the group, Gabby's bed time was way before the group, so I flew solo. Without having the beauty to show off, I needed to extol her wondrous virtues. Let's see...she sleeps well. Grabs. Spins. Does sit ups. Went to her first concert. Coos. Blows raspberries. I take the overnight shift. Stands very well. She's the cutest baby I've ever met...but I suppose there could be a little bias.

One more thought before I let y'all go. Each afternoon, as I stroll through the park on my way home, I am delighted by the sights, sounds, and smells of spring. Most notably, every time I see a little kid or toddler playing in the park, I smile and laugh as I picture Gabby as a toddler or little kid... crazy...but it'll come soon.

It's so hard right now to stop and smell the roses. I have a difficult time believing that Gabby will ever be too big to sleep in my arms. That she'll ever be mad at me. Or ever not need me to sit up. So I find it really hard to appreciate her at this stage...but I'm trying. I really am.

Later y'all.


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G.Rose On the Warpath

"it will get worse before it gets better..."

Friday's visit to daycare was worse. Monday's was better. On Friday, B reported that the smunchkin began crying as they entered the building. continued until she slept for 30 minutes, and then started crying again. Apparently a toddler recognized B's sadness and gave her thigh a big hug. How precious?

Monday, we decided to postpone the our first drop-and-leave appointment, and stay with the gabbily-goo for her entire visit. Well, things were better. She cried for the first hour, but then began blowing her famous raspberries, smiling, and cooing. Rock on G.Rose. We'll be dropping her on Wednesday. Wish us luck!

In other news, G fell asleep on her own for the first time! Developments abound. On Saturday night, after completing her bedtime routine, I rocked her a bit and placed her down. She immediately awoke, as usual. But this time I decided to not pick her up again, unless she cries. Guess what? She blew raspberries. She cooed. She looked around. And then the unthinkable...she slept. YAY!!!!

Ok, I'll post pictures from the weekend later.