Hey there y'all. Well we've got a good post for you. Thanks for waiting patiently. Today is Saturday. Gabby just got home from a large social gathering. She went to the movies with her friends. They saw "The Notebook." There were at least 13 other babies hanging out with Gabby, and she was definitely the star. I didn't quite realize it, until tonight - but our sweet Gabby is not your average baby. And that's not only because she's my daughter. All the other babies had cute chubby bodies and round bald heads. Gabby is still somewhat dainty, and has a head of hair like nobody's bidness. She's a one of a kind, and I love her.

Earlier today, she was visited by Nancy and her Saba...it had been a few weeks, and Gabby certainly missed the attention.

Friday, Gabby enjoyed a nice long visit with her Bobie. Bobie even got a chance to babysit our hero while B went to the grocery store. Now isn't that special?

This evening, Babci is once again visiting us. That means I get to sleep tonight. Rocking!

I suppose that's about it for now. Only a couple of more things...

After much delay, I've posted new pictures. Lucky you. In the interest of maintaining my sanity, I've decided to no longer keep a new folder for each day - but you'll still get your pictures, so don't fret.

I've also been toying a little bit with the audioblogger tool...so hear's a little taste...

this is an audio post - click to play

Until next time enjoy bunches and bunches of pictures!!!


Still no pictures...but here's a story!

Y'know, you've gotta have a little patience y'all. The pictures will come shortly…this weekend probably. In the meantime, let me tell you a story.

This morning, I woke up to find my darling little girl lying beside me. It was time to wake up! Time to wake up! I removed her from her bassinet/pack n' play and laid her down in the bed with her daddy. She was so sleepy. But it was time to wake up! I gently rubbed her head, and fiddled with her legs…alas she began to stir. For the next 5-10 minutes, I bore witness to a magnificent display of stretches, yawns, leg curls and extensions, arm exercises, and more. At the end, she opened her eyes.

As beautiful as she is with her eyes closed, she's still more beautiful with her eyes alert. One of these days I'll capture her smile. It's full of joy. Y'all are gonna love it. It's wicked cute.


Gabby's still smiling...for the boys.

Gabby added another fan yesterday, as she continued her conquest of the world. She smiled at her uncle Jay. I understand that he smiled back. Pretty cool.


Check out my friends...

Hey everyone. Take a gander at the sidebar on the left side of your screen. You'll see that I've added a list of links to Gabby's friends. Enjoy...

Now about G. The last two evenings I've taken charge of our hero, and successfully soothed her while B had a nice and well-deserved break. I noticed that Gabby's friend Martin was being held on his side and facing out, so I tried carrying g'rose that way too. Guess what? I think she likes it.

This morning, I gently placed G on our dresser lying down and facing her own reflection. She started looking at me in the mirror, but eventually found herself. After a little bit she got all wild and crazy - did her "gabby-dance" and rolled away.

Gabby-dance: A frantic almost manic attempt at taking flight. Arms shake in a vibratory manner, shifting inertia to torso and eventually the legs - which flutter in a mix of bicycle kicks and leg extensions... a true classic.

I'll post pictures later.


Gabby made me glow!

Today, I stopped by the house to pick up the car on my way to my doctor appointment...that's when it happened. I opened the door to be welcomed by my beautiful wife and jubilant child. I was so surprised and excited...that I instantly burst into a crazy high-pitched voice squealing, "Hi cutie!! Hi cutie!!!"

That's when she did it! She looked me right in the eye and smiled! She smiled for her Daddy!!! I checked with Basia, and sure enough that was officially her first smile! Yay! I'm so pumped. Later on this evening, Basia got her own smile. Gabby's a happy girl.

Monday's pictures


Going for a stroll, getting crabby, and "what's up with that hair?"

Good day, y'all.

Since I last reported on our lil peach, she's had a bit of activity. On Friday, B thought it might be nice to take g.rose for a stroll. It was a little cold outside, so bundling up was a necessary task. See the friday's pictures for some cute bundling and unbundling photos.

She was uncharacteristically crabby on Saturday morning, as I had the pleasure of flying solo with my little girl. B left around 9:45, and Gabby excersized her lungs for 45 min. I tried to calm the smunchkin by feeding her, rocking her, slinging her, swinging her, changing her diaper, changing her clothes, shooshing her, and anything else I could think of. After 45 min, she got tired and decided to give me a 20 min break - as she slept. I think she was missing her mommy.

Later on Saturday, G enjoyed a nice visit from Rob & Magda, and Scott & Abby. Gabby really took a liking to Rob - like they always say, "chicks dig robby G." Check out the googly eyes she's making at him!

One last note on Gabby's fine do. I decided to see if her spikes were a permanent challenge to societal conformity, or if I could somehow challenge her stance. With brush and damp washcloth in hand - I went at it. Lo and behold - her stance remains strong. She is devoted to challenging authority and challenging the world. Her spikes remained aloft!