"I want some socks"

As anyone who has visited us around Gabby's bedtime over the past few months has experienced, we've been having some issues. I've been told it's a phase. It'll pass. Well, it sucks right now.

Here's the situation. Each night we give Gabby her complete bedtime routine... Dinner. Brush teeth. Pajamas. 2 Books. Potty. 2 Songs. Talk about her day. Music. Bed. No problem. Smooth. We give her a kiss and leave her room. Within a minute or so, she begins to cry or call for us or something. This goes on for 15 min to 90 min. Sometimes we get her her thing (whatever she requests). Sometimes we sooth her. Sometimes we simply put her back in bed. Sometimes we try to ignore her. whatever we try - DOES NOT WORK.

If this is a phase, I'm ready to move on.

A Few Ellie Photos

Here are some recent Ellie Photos for y'all...


A new home...

I hope y'all will understand. I've done it again...

We've moved to a new platform - wordpress. Hopefully, the move will foster a better blog in the future. For now, we're still transitioning.

The new web address is: http://cohenkids.wordpress.com/

I hope to see y'all over there!

Family Photo

Family Photo - 2007.07.07, originally uploaded by jcohen22.

Well, we tried to snap a family photo this weekend. This is the best we got. Ellie is grinning, B and I are doing our best to keep our plastic smiles glistening, and Gabby is... what is Gabby doing? Pouting?

The Girls at 4 months

The Girls at 4 months, originally uploaded by jcohen22.

I've heard some people say that Ellie looks like Basia, and Gabby looks like me. Other people say, that Ellie looks like a Cohen. Still others swear she looks like a Winiker. I think she resembles her Bobie. And finally, there are those that think they look alike.

Well, here's the question. there they are, side by side, at 4 months. Do they look alike? Do they bear a similarity? What do you think?