Gabby's first cold.

Yup...only at day care for three days and one of the other kids already gave my daughter a cold. Last night she was coughing and sniffing and having difficulty breathing. I needed to suck mucus from her nose at 2am with a suction ball. Very not fun.

In other news, Gabby has started to fashion her hair in more of a curly poof. Yup, I'm not sure if it's the humidity or the cold, but since Thursday I've seen waves and curls...too cute.

One more item. I think I need to hit the pause button on her development. She's growing so fast. I can't even imagine her as small as she was in some of the early pictures. Maybe I could freeze time and she'll develop and grow only when I'm ready.

Selfish - I know. Later.


Here comes day two

I write this update as G.Rose slumbers. when she comes to, we'll head out to her second full day of day care. She's doing well so far. According to her teachers, she enjoyed french class, watching the other babies, and reaching for toys on tuesday. Sounds like a full day to me.

Gotta go shower and get myself ready.

Later y'all.