That's it. That's the word. Not bad, if you ask me. We'll put up a complete Thanksgiving updates post with pictures soon, but for now I wanted to share the big news.

All weekend, Gabby was following around Basia's old cat, Thursday, at Babci and Papa's house. Then on Sunday morning, Gabby was playing on the floor among her Uncle Jay, Uncle Shaun, Aunt Sally, Aunt Marta, Mommy, and Daddy when the kitty strolled by. One of us said, "Gabby, did you see the kitty?" Gabby made a very focused face, and looked around for a second. We all watched her in silence. Slowly and a little unsurely, Gabby eeked out, "kee-dee." "KITTY!!!," we all proclaimed!

Gabby's first word: Kitty. Gotta love it.