My angel baby


I'll say this right now. My little girl is an angel. These days she falls asleep by herslf - without crying (most of the time), sucks down 20 oz. of milk at daycare, and when she's awake she's laughing and smiling and learning to sit-up and stand! Rockin!

Apparently, she's also the only kid in her class that will sleep in her crib. The rest of the cribs are gathering dust. You go G!

Here're some new pictures.

Mmmm. Tasty!

Lately, I've changed my mind. A few weeks ago, I declared that I'm not ready to have my lil G grow up. I wanted ther to remain completely in need of her Daddy. Well my friends, times they are a-changin' (thanks BD). I am so excited to have Gabby sit up and play. and crawl...and even more excited to have her walk towards me and talk to me. This is gonna be awesome! Really awesome. I can't wait.

One final note - Babci came over last night to gabbysit while B and I went to dinner and our first movie since G was born. We saw "Crash" and had a great time!

Later y'all.