Well...the jinx gods must have been reading our blog, because after I posted about Ellie's lengthy night sleeping without feedings, she quickly regressed to being a twice-a-night (or more) eater (more like eating at 8pm, midnight, 3am, and 6am). Ugh! At least we know she CAN do it, so hopefully this sleeping through the night thing will come someday in the near future!

Here's a picture of a well-rested Ellie (and Gabby) and the not-so-well-rested parents!
Thanks to Miss Emily for the personalized Big Sis and Little Sis shirts!


Touring Austin with Auntie Rae and Uncle Yaneev

Gabby enjoyed showing Rae and Yaneev around downtown Austin

She especially enjoyed this vanilla milkshake

"Daddy, thank you SO MUCH for my milkshake!"

My how fast they grow...

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Memorial Day BBQ

We've been here 8 months now, so we figured it was finally time to have a barbeque, so we invited some friends and family, and that made us go out and buy a grill (real quick)!

Gabby helps Dada build the grill before the guests arrive.

Gabby and Martin help the grown-ups shuck corn.
Gabby enjoys some Rudy's creamed corn (thanks Uncle Jay).

The men enjoy some cold ones.

The kids enjoy some cold ones, too!

Gabby and Martin admire Auntie Sally's Ladybug Cake.

Martin dives into dessert!

A Sunday Afternoon

Just a couple pics from a Sunday afternoon a week ago:

Thanks Miss Kristen for these cool cookie cutters. They made for a great rainy day activity: