I love to be upright! Posted by Hello

Lots to discuss...

Developments: Gabby has been getting better everyday at grabbing and putting things in her mouth. Sometimes, the two motions are separate too. Also, I picked up an exersaucer from craigslist, we cleaned it up, and Gabby instantly gravitated to it. Over the past few weeks, I've noticed more and more that she is not satisfied lying down. She wants to be upright. The exersaucer is doing the trick! Additionally, she immediately began reaching for each toy individually, inadvertently rotating herself within the toy. Remarkable little girl.

Visitors: Saturday, Gabby was greeted my her Bobie, Auntie Rae, and Aunt Rita and Uncle Marty as well as her cousin Sandra. Spectacular. As usual, she put on a great show for everyone. Rae stayed over that evening, and was a welcome witness to Gabby's morning demeanor. She's a peach and playful in the morning. Later on Sunday morning, she visited with Saba and Gigi and had a swell breakfast. Then it was on to the park with Auntie Rae and Bobie to meet the birds, and eventually the mall (where the AC was cranking!). Babci then visited Gabby on Sunday night/Monday morning, and I was fortunate enough to have an unplanned work-from-home day to share with the smunchkin. Rockin!

Pictures will come soon.