Getting ready for Baby

Gabby has been busy preparing the home for the arrival of her new sibling.


Here, she's prepping the bottom step for naptime. Second kids get the shaft.

Playing with the Boys

Last week, B and I had a triple date with Martin and Luke's parents. Before the pah-tay got rolling, the kids had a bash of their own. Here, Gabby is playing Coy with Mr. Svoboda.


Come here, little man.

Gabby's Valentine's Day

Cathy, at my work, met G last week when G visited me. She felt inclined to make a special "butterfly" cookie for Gabby on Vaelntine's day. Here's how much Gabby loved it... "SOOOO MUCH!!!"

Thanks, Cathy.

Posing for Sabah and Gigi

Some time ago, Sabah and Gigi gave Gabby this wonderfully pink beaded ensemble.


Well she saw it recently, and just HAD to wear it.

Sabah and Gigi - these photos are for you!

Time for pictures!!!

This morning, we headed to the mall for a photgraphic extravaganza!!! G got dolled up and practiced her smiles.


Here's a preview of her best!


Baby update

My apologies for not filling y'all in on our recent escapades. In a nutshell, we've been busy enjoying our last few weeks with Gaby as an only child, and I've been sick. Regarding the coming addition, here's a snippet from B:

Today I had my OB appt and an Ultrasound too. Everything looks okay, but baby looks BIG! Measured at approximately 8 lbs. 9 oz to 8 lbs. 14 oz. Also, my blood pressure was a little elevated, so they scheduled some more tests to check for preeclampsia. I should get results tomorrow and Friday. If those tests are all fine, they'll probably still want to induce next Thursday b/c of the BP. If the tests show anything more than that, then they'll want to induce ASAP, but the Ultrasound looked fine...placenta looks fine, etc, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Ok, my people. Later.