G & her new sippy cup...


We're trying to wean her from her bottle, but so far she simply refuses to drink any milk (for the most part) unless she gets a nipple. We're hoping these new sippy cups do the trick. Come on, G! Posted by Picasa

Gabby goes to the Circus!


And she was so enthralled...she sat on our laps for the entire 2 hours...staring at the performers. During intermission, our precious little one mingled with the crowds. I am very proud to report that she did not ask her Dada for a single over-priced piece of garbage. Good job G! Posted by Picasa

Oh Dada...What did you do???

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So as a little joke for the Reverend Grep, the dads of Wee Z, Tiny D, and Cool Hand Luke I went with the mustachio look. Gabby really dug it. Unfortunately, when I returned with a completely clean shave, our G refused to recognize me. She wouldn't take a bottle from her Dada, or give me a hug. I covered my face and played with her, hoping she'd recognize the voice and the spirit. She did. Then the face returned and she was confused. IT got better after a few days...but it was rough.

G shows the sign for a Bunny!

  Posted by PicasaNow we know that the official sign for a hopping bunny rabbit involves 2 fingers and resembles "a little bunny foo-foo," but Gabby one-finger version is too funny to not share! I think her bunny has issues.

G's Got Bed Head

  Posted by PicasaSometimes we just laugh when we see G's bed head. Didn't you?