Blanket update...

As you may have expected...the weening from the miracle blanket did not go as planned. After two days, Gabby realized that we were not "accidentally" forgetting the blanket. So she revolted. She cried and fussed and kept us up all night for two nights... We caved. But on the advice of many parental friends, we've decided to let Gabby go at her own pace. She's currently pretty good at sleeping with one arm unswaddled. That is a big step. And it's a step she can handle at this time. She is a baby, so we'll take baby steps.

One more thing of note, my little lady B has done a great job helping me with the blog these last few weeks. So you can thank her for keeping quasi-current with the photos. Here's to you B. Muchas Gracias, Senora!!!

BBQ Photos

Hanging out with newlywed Mrs. Magda G. Posted by Picasa

Gabby's friend Noah helped her sit up after her nap. His parents had us all over for a great BBQ and Gabby showed up, said "Hi" and then took a fantastic 2 hour nap in Noah's parents' bed. Why won't she do that at home? Posted by Picasa

Gabby's on to solids

Gabby tries her very first solids! (If you can call mushy rice cereal "solid")! Posted by Picasa

"Hmmm....maybe I'll try some more! Can I hold the spoon, Mommy?" Posted by Picasa

Oops...for a minute, Gabby thought she was supposed to eat the cereal with her eye. Posted by Picasa

I guess food isn't so bad... Posted by Picasa

Gabby can sit up on her own without leaning back on the chair now! Posted by Picasa


Gabby gets a great view from up here. Posted by Picasa

Hanging out in Brookline with Martin and Josh. Posted by Picasa

With Lauren, too. Posted by Picasa