I'm sure that as you've been viewing the pictures from the last posting you've been wondering...hey - who are all those babies??? Where's Gabby been?

Ok - here goes. The first set were taken in Austin. Zach is the adorable chubbly one. Check out WeeZ to refresh yourself. Martin is the cute sack of potatoes with Gabby on the chair. Check out TinyD. The babies with the men standing with me are Joshua and Shira. The blond baby with the earrings and the bodacious smile is Carolyn. Elise is the cute bald baby with the beatuiful big eyes! Cyrus is the handsome young man sitting with Gabby at the restaurant.

In the second set, Gabby is visiting New York. The two babies she's hanging with there are William and Cecilia. Will's big, Cecilia's not. The second set also contains some photos of the newest baby...Will. Yes it's another Will. This one's with his Mom (with the red hair.)

Now news. Gabby has been using her hands a lot since Texas. She's grabbing things, putting them in her mouth...etc. Crazy. She's also begun making rasperries with her mouth...both with and without her tongue exposed. Nice. One more thing to report... Some people have reported that just before a major development there is a little regression. Well we did have some regression just before Texas. Then boom all that development. Here we go again. Gabby is becoming a bit crabby, and has been waking more often. Me thinks there is a development around the corner...

We'll see.


Putting on the chubbles

Gabby's been putting on the chubbles like they're going out of style, and she's got a ticket to the wholesale discount store!!

Since our last report...ages ago...Gabby finished up her tour of Austin. She met many people and many babies... She also experienced lots of development.

I apologize for being so late on this latest posting...the computer I've had since B-school is on shaky footing. First the battery won't charge at all...and now the plug won't consistently connect. Normally this would not be an issue, since I can always use another computer...but the old computer has the pictures...so I kind of need it. Relax...I've got a plan. I've ordered a new battery, and it'll be here by next week. you'll get you post then.

For now... here are some links...

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