BBQ with the Gang

Last weekend, we BBQ'd with the Weisses et al... Fun was had. Margaritas consumed. Kids were soaked. And G got 2 popsicles, chips, a brownie, and a frosted cupcake. I didn't even mention the pool and mist tent. Good times. Thanks for the hospitality Jess and Meredith (and the delicious chicken and cocktails). And thanks for providing the tunes, Lou. Here's a slideshow...

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BBQ w the Weisses


Ellie...Up Up Up

Last night, while I was putting Ellie to bed, I noticed something different about her. Now, don't get me wrong. I thought I detected a little thing a few weeks back, when I was getting her dressed. But this was a definite.

As part of her bedtime routine, I get her changed, and rather than man handle her, I request her assistance with some things. For instance, when it's time to remove her shirt, I give her my fingers, and she holds on as I lift her up, while repeating, "Up, up, up." Then once her shirt is removed, it's "Down, down, down time." Well last night she really decided to pull herself up during the "up, up, up" sequence, and lowered herself in the "down, down, down" sequence. At first, I couldn't believe it...so we did this over and over and over again. She was definitely into it. Then came "All the way, up!!!" with which she would extend her legs and support herself in a standing position. Awesome, no? My little Ellie os developing nicely.

Oh - a few weeks back, she'd raise her feet when I told her it was time to put on socks. Pretty cool...


Family Portraits

Gabby poses with Ellie (and her baby doll):

Gabby poses with Auntie Marta. (Note: Gabby's hair is now long enough to be worn in a single ponytail, just like her Auntie's).

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Some of Ellie's best features

Check out her two dimples and those beautiful baby blue eyes. She's already more than three months, and those blue eyes haven't started changing yet...we'll just have to keep waiting to see if they're going to stay that color. In the meantime, I've found that blue clothes really bring out her eyes, so expect to see this munchkin in more shades of blue in the future!

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