Pictures...And a Meltdown

I love my monkey suit

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of escorting our hero to her second day care visit. She's having a few transition appointments so she and we can get used to the idea...well let's just say things did not go well.

Can I get my whole hand in here?

We got there at 9 am, and by 9:10 she was crying. I let the caregivers try to calm her...it didn't work. she was full-on crying like I've never seen her cry shortly thereafter -yikes. She cried for 45 minutes. that's right -45 minutes. Daddy was not happy. Neither were the other babies. they went from calm sleeping to crying too. ugh. She finally slept...for 10 minutes. Then, she started crying again. for another 30 minutes. I decided it was time to head home. Guess what, as soon as I got her into the car, she was chill. Completely chill.

Mommy, read me more!!!

I hope things go better tomorrow on her third visit...

Yay!! It's my new toy!

Ok...pictures. Follow the links!

April 21, April 22-27, and May 1-3. Enjoy!!!

[This picture has been removed...to keep my marriage healthy ;)
It used to show Gabby on my shoulders...and my chest hair. Funny funny stuff.]
Where did G get all that hair??


What a Great weekend!!

Yesterday, Gabby made her first appearance at her daycare. It was a transitional appointment - the first of five - where she gets used to the new environment, and new people, and we get used to not having her in our sight. I sense that Gabby will handle the transition better than us. Our little girl is growing so fast. Lately I've been noticing that her cheeks, which I once called chubby, are now a part of her. She's taken on the new look, and made it her own. I can't get enough of the little dude.

Last night, G was also visited by Shawn and Kelly straight from North Carolina. I'm told the G gave out smiles and raspberries like they were on overstock.com.

This weekend was very exciting for Miss G. Her Daddy took her to her first concert. No. Before you even ask, she did not mosh or surf the crowd. And Yes. It was a real concert, not some make-believe thing I'm pretending was a concert. Gabby enjoyed the 12th annual WBOS Earthfest. B was a bit concerned at the notion of exposed Miss G to the harsh elements that make a Boston rainy spring day. But I prevailed - especially since B went to a wedding shower, and therefore relinquished all rights to the afternoon. I suited G up in a really cute pink sweater/pants outfit from her Auntie Rae, then completed covered it in a yellow fleece jumper. She's needs to stay warm, golly gosh. Don't you worry - she was plenty cute. We strolled to the T with G in her Baby Bjorn facing forward, and me keeping her dry with an umbrella, and traveled to the show. We got lots of "aw, so cute" and "what a good Daddy" comments. We even met a number of other babies with there Dads at the show. Silly people. I was the only one with the foresight to forgo a stroller, due to the muddy venue (outside at the Hatchshell). Gabby grooved to Low Millions (she thinks Leonard Cohen's son, Adam is hot), and CarbonLeaf. Then we headed home for a nice visit with G's friend Julia.

Bottom Line: G had a great time with Daddy. Daddy had a great time with G.

Pictures will come soon.