Ellie's my baby and Gabby's my beauty

It's taken me 3 or 4 tries to get this video up on youtube...but it is done. So enjoy!

Ellie's the same gestational age today as Gabby was at birth. I think B mentioned that. It's really wild. Each day, I spend more and more time with Ellie. And she spends more and more time awake. Her face is changing so much, and I think we're starting to see her real beauty.

Speaking of beauty, have I ever told y'all how beautiful my Gabby is. My goodness, she is so preciously beautiful. Now, don't get me wrong. She is 2, and she has tantrums, tests her boundaries, and poops on the floor occasionally. But nevertheless, she's a beautiful girl, and a woderful soul. We are truly blessed.

Ok, I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow's another wonderful day in Austin. We've got no plans as of yet, but I'm sure we'll have fun.




Ellie - 9 days old (3/10/07):
Gabby - 10 days old (2/2/05):
So, do they look like sisters? What do you think?
One thing to note...looking at the old pictures of Gabby, Gabby spent a lot more time awake, and a lot more time crying, than Ellie does these days. Will try to post awake comparison pics, if Ellie decides to wake up anytime soon, long enough for us to get some good pics!
(Also note, Gabby was actually 17 days older, gestationally, in these two pics, since Ellie was 6 days early, and Gabby was 10 days late).


Today, I'm home.

So, I have the pleasure of spending today with my ladies...all 3 of them. I took the day off to spend some quality time with the family, and so far I love it.

Ellie just proved me right by dirtying her diaper, then peeing twice and pooping twice more while B was in the midst of changing her...go Ellie!

Gabby has once again confirmed her allegiances by declaring that corn is her favorite food. I love that kid.

Take care, y'all.

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Babci's gone

Well, today was Babci's last day with the Cohens. Her help was surely welcomed, and well received. Gabby loved the attention (for sure), and I enjoyed the rest. 
Now it is time for the Cohen family to cowboy up (if Trot Nixon doesn't mind my borrowing the phrase). Ellie's 2 week doctor appointment is tomorrow, and I expect all will be well.
And guess what...Ellie's cord popped off today. SWEET!

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More blog upgrades

Hello my people...

I've added an easy way for y'all to stay informed. Enter your email in the form on the left, and get notified when the blog is updated...enjoy!

More stories of Dadding

I've been following the story of a 3-time dad as he writes about the experience, and I thought I'd share. He's a writer for Slate.com, and his column is called Dad Again.

I've also added a link to the columns on the left side bar...

Enjoy, y'all.



We're having a difficult time dealing with the time shift...


For most people the extra daylight hour in the evening is a blessing.

For us it means that Gabby doesn't want to sleep until it's dark...ugh.
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Welcome to a new blogger friend...

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