Gabby's Polish Tour

Gabby had a wonderful time in Poland. For the flight to Paris, she slept almost the entire way. We we lucky enough to get three adjoining seats in the center of the plane at the bulkhead, so there was plenty of space for G's car seat. I wish I had a picture, but I don't. I helped her sleep in the brght plane, by fitting her with her very own pair of eyecovers! She was soo soo cute.

After we got to Paris and missed our connection, G found Charles De Gaulle airport a pleasing locale for a quick catnap. So she slept.

Our arrival in Warsaw was attending by much family and friends. By this point, you're probably concerned that I'll detail each minute of each day...I won't. I'll hit on some highlights now...

Gabby had an especially nice visit with Babunia & Dzadiu (that's her great-grandparents). We stayed at their home, with a crib and stroller provided by Maczek and his family. I will apologize right now for the spelling of people's names. I'm trying!

Their house is in a norhtern suburb of Warsaw, called Lomianki. We were able to stroll to Globi, the local small supermarket and MarcPol the larger one. This is the very same house that Babci grew up in. Too wild.

The first Sunday we were in Warsaw, we had the pleasure to attend a grand party. Many many friends ad family traveled from all over Poland to visit and meet miss G.

G also took advantage of her opportunities to visit some historical sights in Warsaw...like the Warsaw Ghetto. If you've seen the recent film "The Pianist" then you probably have a pretty good idea of what was once there.

Interestingly, after World War II Warsaw and much of Poland was rebuild to its former glory. That includes all the old historical landmarks. Such as the royal castle in Warsaw's old town. This castle was built and used for centuries upon centuries. It reflected the different styles and fashions of it's different occupants and was destroyed in World War II. The Polish people rebuilt the castle fro photographs and memory, while gathering the art and architetural signature pieces from around the world. Amazing.

Gabby was also lucky enough to visit some family up North on ther farm. They had cows and educated us all on the process of making hay, working the fields and storing the hay. We had a great time and have lots to remember!!

One last note about our time in Poland. We had the pleasure to get to know two young gentlemen much better than we had previously. Andzei and Kriczek attended our wedding almost two years ago at 17 and 15. Now at 19 and 17 these young men acted as our personal tour guides. They accompanied us to the store and on road trips. We really had a great time, and I hope to see them again soon.

Now for a funny story: the day we left Warsaw, Gaby decided to poop through her pats on the way to the airport. Ok, that was too bad, because Mommy had specificly saved that one outfit for flying back to Boston. Oh well. Now she wore her plan B outfit. As we landed in Paris, the was a distinct stench...yup. She pooped through her Plan B clothes... Always be prepared. so we dressed her in her plan C clothes. Guess what...a mere 30 minutes after taking off from Paris...she was ready for plan D!!! That's right four outfits in four hours! G is awesome!

In other news, G decided that we needed an event in order to remember exactly when she stopped breastfeeding. The trip to Poland was it. G began pushing it away and laughing. We had a great run...shanks for the memories!

And lastly, I'd like to give a shout out to a very excitedly happy young boy. Jashu...here's to you! Nastrovya!

Another blog setback...

Well...here's another post from Gabby's mommy.

Last night, just as Joe and I went to bed, Gabby made us jump out of bed with a seal-like barking cough. After midnight phone conversation with the on-call nurse at our pedi's office, she was diagnosed as having croup. After a midnight run on a 24-hour CVS for ibuprofen, Gabby finally settled down to a semi- restless sleep (and less restful sleep for her worried mommy) from about 2:00-5:30. After a bottle and some cuddling, daddy took the 6:00 - 7:00 playing shift, before G went back down for a nap. When she awoke at 8:30 we were off to Children's Hospital's emergency room (they have non-urgent hours from 8-12 on Sundays, for those of us whose peditricians' office are closed on Sunday).

During 3+ hours at Childrens, Gabby got poked and prodded (which of course made her even more miserable). She also got some anti-inflammatory steroids to ease the swelling of her bronchial passages, and more tylenol and ibuprofen for her pain. They also observed her to make sure she would drink, because yesterday we had a hard time getting her to drink any fluids, and now she was a little dehydrated.

After a good bottle and nap in daddy's arms, her fever was up a little (101.8), but she was in much better spirits, so they sent us home. She ate a little, then had another nap, and then another bottle (thank goodness). If she doesn't drink enough over the next 24 hours, we need to bring her back for IV fluids!

So...now we're all a little crabby and sleep-deprived. Poland updates and pics will have to wait.