She's moving now.

I only have eyes for all of you...

Well, it's been about 7 days since she began to really move. First it was a little crawl, or a lifting herself to stand while leaning on something...but now...geez, she's a mover, baby!

When we put her down on her bum, she immediately rolls over, then crawls somewhere, sits back on her bum, then lifts herself by pulling herself up onto a toy or furniture. It's really crazy, since only a week ago we referred to her as a turtle. Put her on her back and she's helpless.

Double the pleasure, double the fun...

G's mobilty has driven us into action! First, we got a pad to soften up the living room carpet. Then it was time to relocate some furniture. The glider to gabby's room, and the love seat to the living room. Next we rearranged the living room...and viola! Gabby has a semi-safe play area.

At the Head of the Charles...with Arshi and James!

We also installed the gate we have in the only place we could...the hallway between the kitchen and front door. Ok, the last piece of the puzzle came today. Hold your breath. Exhale. We got a maid! yay.

Happy 9-month birthday, Smunchy!

Last weekend, Arshi came to visit us. Gabby really enjoyed playing with her hair - and getting lots of love. We had the pleasure of checking out the head of the charles with the Donna and James as well as meeting up with Becky and Wendy. Then Tex-mex in Harvard Square for lunch! Good times, y'all.

Yay!!! 9 Months, already!

Sunday was Miss G's 9-month birthday. She's amazing. These days Gabby's been sleeping on her tummy. Oh, did I mention that she's got conjunctivitis?

A bit washed out...but you get the idea.

Last thing. Today, when I got home from work Gabby stood without any aids for like 4-6 seconds!!! Awesome!