Kids in Costumes!

Click below for some pictures from our Halloween gathering last Saturday.

Halloween Kids Party 10-30-10

Sweet sisters

A few weeks ago, I checked on Gabby and Ellie before I went to bed. A couple hours earlier, I had put them to bed in their own separate beds, as usual. (Ellie usually sleeps in the bed on the left with the blue bed rail). When I looked at Ellie's bed, I panicked momentarily, because I didn't see her, then I looked over to Gabby's bed, and found this.
(It only looks bright because of the flash). I moved Ellie back to her bed and she slept right through it. In the morning I asked Ellie why she moved to Gabby's bed, and she said she had been scared, so she went to Gabby's bed. How sweet is that!
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In the Big Bath!

Maggie and Ben had their first bath together in the big tub last week.
It was a big hit!