Hey dude, where's my neck??

Guess what? B took note this morning that G has retained yet another trait of her dear old dad. Apparently, she is not showing much of a neck. Hmm. I'm sure this will change in time, but for mow I take pride in my girl taking after her pops.

In other news, G has graduated from her newborn diapers....into SIZE 1!!! This is indeed quite an achievement. Not to mention, we'll be going through a lot more diaper pails!!!


She grabbed me!

This evening I was doing my good dad thing, and I was giving the little spiked hair smunchkin a hefty burping session, after her bottle. All of the sudden she started going bonkers. There I was holding her over my right shoulder and "shooshing" in her ear, as I gingerly padded her back to ward off the spit-up forces... She started to get frantic, then began using her hands and head to get right in my face as if to say..."Hey, Dad!!! I don't need burping!!! Something else is wrong!!!" But as she man-handled my head and glasses, all I could do was laugh and smile. I got tingles up the back of my neck, when I started to understand that my little girl was trying to communicate with me. Then I realized that she was still screaming her lungs out - in my face.

So I changed her diaper.


Once more - Pictures!!!

Ok, y'all. You're right. There haven't been pictures in a while. Well now they're here... You'll find a link to lots and lots of pictures below.

Friday, Gabby and B did visit me at work. We had a nice lunch at Panera. Several folks peeked at our hero...but I was able to keep the paparazzi away. Especially once I declared that G had a poopy diaper...and I proceeded to change it in the Men's room. What a great dad!

Saturday, We started out around 11:30am in rain. We were heading south to Gabby's Papa's birthday dinner. Soon after we got on our way, the snow began to fall...and fall... Eventually we made it to Sharon, to visit with some of Gabby's cousins on the way down.

This afternoon, I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy some original music performed by Gabby.

Auntie Sara and Uncle Shaun enjoyed miss Gabby's company as well.

And here's the picture link!