Welcome to the world!!!

It is my pleasure to annouce that Gabby has a new friend!!! Exactly one month after Gabriella decided to emerge from her comfy place a be born, another little one has decided to do the same. Welcome Martin D'Andrea!!!! We're so happy to hear of your arrival!!!!

In other news, Gabby visitied the pediatrician today for her one month check-up. She's weighing in at a comfortably wholesome 7lbs. 14 oz. and measuring 22 in. Not too shabby. From what I heard, Gabby's lucky that she has short term memory right now. Basia told me that watching Gabby receive her hepatitis shot today, was very painful for her. Gabby too. I've been assigned GAbby duty for her next shots...March 29th.

Til next time...here are some pictures from Tuesday and Wednesday.


She's changing everyday

I'm amazed at how much she's changed since yesterday. As I look at my little darling, I can see a real person. A real person that is part of me. She is unbelievable!

Sunday afternoon, I assembled the swing we got at the baby shower. Wow, what a great idea. I'd been hesitant to set it up, since I didn't want to expend all options at once. In other words, we've got a good handful of baby chairs, swings, carriers and other assorted gear. I'd like to get the feel of the different items, and how Gabby likes or dislikes them before moving on. By opening all our gear at once, I didn't think we'd be able to give everything a fair chance... Back to the swing. This is a small swing - about 2 feet tall, and sits on the floor. It's ideal for a home without much room - what a coincidence Gabby's house is pretty small! Anyway, I've run the swing at low speed, which seems to suit lil' g just fine. I also attached a black and white design - pilfered from a DSW shopping bag - onto the side of the swing, so Gabby has something interested to stare at. She's not quite into the doll and rattle stage yet. In time.

Today, I got home from work to a wonderful little girl. She was calm, alert, and attentive. I think I spent 20-30 min. just talks to her. What a rare treat! Especially when you consider what happended shortly before I got home...

Do you remeber the poop blow out from Saturday that I told y'all about? Well apparently, that was only warm up. Shortly after Auntie Sara, Auntie Marta, and Papa finished their visit, Gabby let go a poop so powerful that Basia needed to change her shirt, onesie, gown, and diaper. Apparently, this one was all the up her back to her neck...YIKES! But thanks to Basia, because Gabby was clean and happy when I got home.

Here're some pictures... Sunday - Monday


We had a great weekend!

Special note: I've tried to increase the font size on the blog in response to a special request...I hope y'all appreciate it ;)

Well it's now "wind down" time. Sunday night - gotta love it! Gabby's eatin right now, and I'm chilling on the couch watchin "Super Size Me."

Friday night, Basia and I took our first night out since Gabby was born. Babci stayed at our place, and we went for dinner to Acapulco Restaurant on Center St. in JP. We had a real nice time, and didn't talk about Gabby for the first 30-45 minutes. We split a 1/2 carafe of sangria and enjoyed the mariachi band. Good date.

Then we got home and I slept...and slept...did I mention that I slept? Babci stayed the night and took over my duties, for the evening. Wicked awesome. Saturday, we had some visitors. Gabby met Keith and Jodi. They were fortunate to share in a little Gabby experience I'll call "butthole blowout!" Need I say more. I've got a picture, but it won't be posted online..sorry y'all. Keith also enjoyed Gabby's playmat - check him out!

Later on Saturday, Marta and Devin stopped by. Devin was a little apprehensive around our precious at first...but he came around - a little bit. Auntie Marta was also quite happy to change a few diapers. I was happy too.

This weekend Gabby had a full court press on her fingers! She's really beginning to not only find her fingers and hands, but profusely suck on them...drool too. She's cool.


Friday - Saturday - Sunday