My Little Angel...

Hello. Welcome to my blog.

Beware of my big stick...or...I think the treasure is that way!

Apples and nature. That's life in Boston.

What does the busy baby say? "Uh-oh."

1 1/2 years old. What a big girl I am!

Okay. That's enough. I'm outta here, and onto other things!

Come closer. Closer... Wanna kiss?

Matzah? Matzah? Yeah, I like Matzah.

There is nothing like playing with a good set of bubbles.

I think I saw a camel. I did. I did see a camel! I saw three camels!

I've got my bags, and I'm ready to GO!!!

Now leave. I've had my bath, and I'm going night night.


Another weekend goes by...

Hello my people. As another weekend comes to an end, I thought I'd remind everyone how precious time is. I promise not to shed a tear or anything, but a little note is due...

Gabby is now officially 1.5 years old... She's closer to 2 than 1. Ain't that something. In the last post, I was amazed at her reciting her name in response to the question. These days, that seems like an old hat. I witnessed her climb up a slide at the playground, today. then she proceeded to slide back down. Today, she removed all the crayons from the IHOP crayon box and placed them back in the box. Today, she made me laugh more times than I can recall. Whether it's her rendition of vegetables ("vegibutta-boooo") or watermelon ("wablablablablah"), she cracks me up.

Trash - She continues her quest to clean the streets of Boston. I see politics in her future. At the site of trash, she exclaims, "uh-oh!," and points to the misplaced article.

ABC's - About a month ago G started saying "ABC" in reference to her Dr. Seuss ABC book...but lately she's been noticing the presence of text all over the place...on signs, license plates, in books, and in advertisements on the subway. To all of these letters she says, "ABC!"

Oh no! - Gabby also likes to inform the word of great calamities with a profound "OH NOO!" Last week, Basia was preparing G's lunch in the kitchen while G was a bit too quiet in her room. Shortly, G runs into the kitchen and proclaims, "Oh no!" Well B followed G back to her room only to find exactly what G found. Apparently some mysterious monster camped out on Gabby's floor and tore up a few pages of G's book. Crazy monster.

Tickle tickle - B and I love to make our little one laugh. One sure fire way to get the giggles is through a little tickle tickle under G's arms. G loves to return the favor as well. She does this by grabbing my belly and squeezing. It hurts, but I laugh for her. So if she squeezes any of you guys...remember to laugh!

Today, we went to the Mall before they opened the stores. It's a great time to go, since G can run faster than all the older people, and there's really no one else to get in the way. She really loves the Macy's "red star" and this guy... Anyway, B and I were sitting on one bench, and G was running the width of the mall to another bench. She's say "I sit" and proceed to climb onto the bench. She'd eventually get to her feet and pace from one end of the bench to the other... She'd sit down at each end and continue pacing. After some time, she climbed down and joined us on our bench. It was a treat to watch... a little nerve-racking too.

When we want Gabby to join us in a room, both B and I hang out in that room and wait. Tonight, G preferred to not go to bed just yet. So B and I camped out in her room. G would run into the doorway and smile at us. She'd say some cutely incomprehensible thing, then stroll away. Silence followed. Then G would run back say something else, and stroll away again. It was so so precious. I try to capture these moments on video...but it's not the same...

The point of all this is that I look at my little girl and try so hard to remember all these wonderful things and the joyful moments we share... and I can't. Enjoy life as it happens, I will.

Pictures are coming soon, so don't y'all fret.