Night 3... Going strong

Well, this morning the girls slept til about 6:30am. Not too shabby.

At bedtime tonight, I had the two of them in their beds by 7:05 and they were quiet by 7:30. Ahh...success. Should I be knocking on wood?


Night 2... Not too bad

Basia had a book club event tonight, so I put the girls to bed solo. Not bad. After a lot of dancing to the Beatles, hairbrushing (with B before she left), and pajamas, I read a couple of books to the girls in G's bed.

Ellie didn't sit still, as usual. She ran around and decided to show us her new skill...jumping. She grabbed her 5-6 in. stool and proceeded to continually launch herself to the narration of, "Look!! Ellie jumpin'!"

Anyway, after the books I rocked Ellie while rubbing Gabby's back, while singing them 4 songs. Then I placed Ellie in the crib, and Gabby in the bed. Gabby wanted to feel the fan, so I sprinkled some water on her legs. That was 7:05pm. By 7:25pm, they had stopped chatting, and have been silent since. Let's see how tomorrow morning goes. I'll keep y'all posted.

The morning after

Around 5:45 this morning, we heard Gabby on the monitor chatting with Ellie. Huh?? Apparently, she saw she was up, and gave Ellie the day's clothes and turned on the lights. I put Ellie back to bed, and instructed Gabby to hang in the playroom. Ellie slept another 45 mins.

Apparently, we were not clear on the plan. Our bad. Hopefully tomorrow morning will go better. Sorry, kids!


A Shared Future

Tonight we did the deed. We inserted a crib into Gabby's room, and told Ellie, that she is now sharing the room. Gabby had no issue, and Ellie was excited. It sure is great that they get along so well. Now, I hope that the morning and overnight go well. We instructed Gabby to leave her room when she wakes up, if Ellie is sleeping, and told her she can play in the playroom. My fingers are crossed!

Well, I did it again...

I've migrated back to Blogger, for our blogging needs. With all the things to do between now and when the babies arrive, I do not intend to migrate the wordpress posts back to here anytime in the near future... so if you're interested in posts from the past year and a half...head on over to http://cohenkids.wordpress.com/