How do you get bitten by a snake?

Gabby's teacher distributed a piece of paper with the words, "I want to know..."

Gabby drew a few snakes, then on her own wrote this...


From Bitten by a snake

From Bitten by a snake

Awesome, I tell you. This was the day after her teacher tells us that she's the only one in her class that thinks to draw on the back of a piece of paper, before asking for more paper. It's the little things...

Oh, I've ogt one more recent Gabby story. Now, I wasn't there, but to have her tell it...it goes like this...

I asked, "How'd you get one of Lukey's birthday cupcakes, when you aren't even in his class?"

Gabby's answer: "Well, I heard from Miss Haley, Lukey's teacher, that he was having cupcakes, so I asked her if she could save me one. Then later I got the cupcake from her class, and went to Ellie's class to eat it. I sat next to Ellie and Kyla."

"Gabby, why'd you go to Ellie's class?"

"If I went back to my class, my firends would've wanted one."

"Didn't Ellie want one?"

Ellie says, "I ate a crumb!"

I think my girls run that school.

A brownie story

Earlier this week, one of Basia's stroller strides friends brought over dinner. With the scrumptious meal, she also sent a brownie cake. The girls loved it for a few days. And I quote...

"Daddy, who brought us the brown playdoh?" as Ellie smooshed the brownie on the table into a patty with a palm print.

"Look, Daddy. I make circles!" as Ellie used her carrots to punch out circles in her brownie patty.

Did I mention the brownies were very moist and delicious?

UH OH!!!

Click below to see an interesting video...

The collage incident

...boy did Gabby get a lecture that day!

Two Months!

Maggie and Ben had their two month birthday yesterday. It was just an ordinary day here, but it's hard to believe that two months have already gone by since their birth.

Today they had their two month check-up. Ben weighed in at 9 lbs. 14 oz. which was 10th percentile for his age, but 50th percentile adjusted for his prematurity. Maggie weighed in at 8 lbs. 15 oz, which was also 10th percentile for her age, but 50th percentile adjusted for her prematurity. (Note: The percentiles differ for girls and boys). They're doing well on all counts and are now up to date on their vaccinations. On a parenting side-note, we tried EMLA cream to numb them before their shots, and the pediatrician also gave them sugar-water, both proven to help with the pain, and I think it did. Now that we have the cream, I'll use it for all their vaccinations...I figure it can't hurt!

In other news...we're getting a teeny bit more sleep these days. I'm afraid to talk about it for risk of jinxing myself, but it helps to remind me that we will get more sleep in the future (some day). Before this week, we were lucky to get two consecutive hours of sleep, and often only two times per night. Nine weeks of 3-5 hours of broken sleep per night is TOUGH!

And here are some pictures from the first half of August. Click the pictures below to view the two albums.

Early August 2009

8-3-09 to 8-16-09