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She tries to eat her foot whenever she can...even in the bath! Posted by Picasa

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Who said this was easy????

Happy 4th, y'all. B and I decided to ween lil' G from her miracle blanket this weekend. As you may rememebr from the early photos, she was quite content in the blanket. For the past month or so, it seems that she's been waking up upset because she lost her pacifier, and since she was wrapped up, there was no way for her to re-insert the pacifier. Couple that with the fact that she's consistently wiggling herself out of the blanket whenever she wants to. It was time to set her free. This hasn't been easy.

We've gradually weened her at a dramatc pace. Since we have so many opportunities to put her to bed each day, we could go from no arms out to 1 arm out to the other arm out to both arms out and eventually no blanket...rather quickly. Or so I thought.

She went to sleep easy enough the first few days, now I think she's realized what's going on, and it's not just a freak occurence. She's protesting vehemently. She refuses to be rocked shooshed or bounced. When it's time for bed, it's time to cry. So sad.

After a very rough night (she's getting up more often without the blanket, too.), I tried to put her down for her morning nap sans blanket. She cried for 10 minutes...I felt like I was torturing her, so I wrapped her up. She went to sleep.

It's crazy what she understands.


Baby Totem Pole with cousin Kayla Posted by Picasa

Checkin' out cousin Marina. (Gabby's 18 days older)! Posted by Picasa

Gabby's first trip to the beach (with Daddy and Auntie Rae) in E. Dennis. Posted by Picasa