Gabby is NACHO!!!!

So G refused to nap on Sunday. We let here hang out in her room, quietly for 2+ hours. We thought how much damage could she do... I mean, last week when I did this, she emptied the bottom three drawers of her dresser, removed her pull-ups, peed on a pair of shorts, and put on three pairs of underwear. That's nothing compared to midday peace for a few hours.

We went up to get her this sunday only to find a mask of Balmex (bum-bum cream) over her eyes. B laughed so hard she almost peed. I couldn't help but smile. It was hilarious. But how and why did this happen. I've been perplexed for a few days now. She obviously blindly nabbed the cream from her top drawer. But why did she cover her eyes?

This morning, G shed some light on the topic. We were getting ready for school, and she asks me, "Where's Nacho?" I looked at her. Knowing that we had fun saying, "NACHOOOOO!" after seeing the DVD box of Nacho libre at her Aunt Sally and Uncle Shaun's house, I said, "It's at Auntie Sally and Unc-" But she cut me off with, "Gabby's Nacho!" Huh?

I asked her, again. She told me that she put the cream on for a mask to be Nacho. Funny kid, eh?