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And....we're back!

I know, I know...it's been a long time. My bad.

I've posted a few pictures below, enjoy. At the end of this text post, I'll also give you the links to the two new photo albums. These albums are big...so make sure you've got time before you glance at the smunchkin bunchkin.

Developments: I fear the super raspberry phase has come and gone. For about a week, Gabby would blow full, tongue hanging out, raspberries with all her might constantly. She'd soak my glasses, but I loved it. I would wrap her up and place her in the crib for a nap...gently step away...and she'd wait a second or two...then proceed to spit out the pacifier in the wake of a raspberry. Then laugh and smile at me. And continue to blow raspberries! I love it! Her raspberries have slowed, lately.

We introduced a sippy cup, to get her ready for the future. She immediately went for it...grabbing it and putting it in her mouth. Then again she grabs everything and tries to get everything in her mouth.

I can't believe that she's already over 5 months old. And at the same time, I can't believe that she's only 5 months old. She's been preferring the upright position for about a month now. Always wanting to stand or be propped upright. She can't sit by herself yet - keeps loosing to gravity - but she's getting there. That's why we introduced her exersaucer. She loved it right off the bat.

About a month ago, she visited the doc for her 4 month appointment...a few weeks late. Aside from her shots, and the doctor declaring that she's in the 11th percentile for weight and around 85 percentile for height, he noticed that her bottom front teeth are just below the surface... She's growing up so fast.

What else? She went swimming in the Robbins' pool last weekend. No problem. She's so special.

I've gotta say, I love my little girl so much. She's cuddly, smiley, thoughtful, doesn't cry, and so chill...like me. Completely calm in new situations. Now, I know some of y'all out there are going to remember her in a bad experience...but if so, you need to visit, because my little girl is growing up.

And the picture albums... Album #1 and Album #2

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