Let me tell you a story...

As many of y'all know, we have been trying to teach G (and ourselves) sign language. I'd like to share my experience putting lil G to bed this evening...

We went thru the normal routine, where she gulps down a full 8 oz. of milk while caressing her face with her lovey, and pulling at her hair. Sometimes she includes a few good yanks of my lower lip, but tonight she backed off, bless her heart. She finished her milk, and I proceeded to laying her on the bed for her massage. She gets the royal treatment y'know. After the massage and reapplication of her diaper, we began her nighttime book, "Goodnight Moon." By now, she's read this particular book upwards of 300 times!!! CRAZY!

So, we begin the book, where I slowly read each page and point out things in the pictures, with the occasion sign language action for the few words I know. When all of the sudden she closes the book, points to the empty bottle and gives me the sign for milk. I caught on, and made a quick request to my right-hand lady, B, to bring us more milk!!!

In the meantime, it was clearly not time to go to sleep yet - we had milk on the way - so Gabby shoved "goodnight Moon" away and pointed to another book, "The Snowy Day." We read this book. Well I read the book, she flipped pages, very quickly. I don't know how many of you are familiar with this book, but it has lots and lots of words. I quickly grew weary of trying to read them and Gabby flipped the pages at breakneck speed. So I wacthed her flip the pages. After going through this book once of twice in silence, G looked up at me and gave me a look that said, "Hey, Pop! Why ain't you readin'?" So I began to ad-lib the book based on the pictures. Gabby was content, and the pages kept flying.

Then came the milk. B entered the rom with another 4 oz. of milk. Gabby immediately lost interest in the book and gave us an excited double fisted sign for milk! I think we've got consistency, people! She got the milk and drank it down. Now that the milk business was complete, Gabby reached for "Goodnight Moon" and we continued the routine.

I've gotta say, I didn't really dig the whole baby sign stuff, but now that she's doing the sign for milk and dog, I'm excited to get more!! Who knows what's next??

And this little clip is a nice example of how she walks and talks these days...

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