Her 1st Faceplant

I'm sorry to report that G has landed her first official faceplant. Apparently, she was playing in the park with B and a bunch of other moms and kids when it happened. I got a phone call at work yesterday that made me think that she had one heck of a messed-up face. I was imagining a scabby welt on her forehead, and a scabby cut-up nose and chin. Luckily, when I got home it wasn't even close to as bad as I imagined. She's got a few cuts/scratches on her nose, and a pink bump on her noggin. Nothin a little ice cream couldn't cure!


17 Months...Dang!

Gabby, welcome to 17 month land!!

Gabby, congrats on your 17 month milestone. I'd like to take this moment to reflect a bit on your recent developments and your coolitude.

Yesterday, the 3 of us were in the car heading for Home Depot. B and I were chatting about whatever. The new Live CD was in the CD player and we were just chilling. Then Gabby Suddenly shouts "a biss, a biss!!!" It took us a second or two, but we quickly understood and thanked Gabby for alerting us to the BUS we were following. Pretty cool.

As I type this, she sat down and said, "I sisst," to which I replied, "You sit." She responded, "I sist." She's a peach. She's also become fond of talking about trains, "choo choo," helmets, "hel-mah," and motorcycles, "mo-cah!"

G had a week where her sleeping was reverting to waking up at 4:30 in the morning. That was not good. I am proud to report that B did a little research, and we switched her bedtime, which was creeping towards 7pm back to 6:15. Bam! She's sleeping till 6am again. Gotta love it. Speaking of going to sleep, we always know that she's going to sleep well when she waves goodbye from her crib. It is sooo cute, that it melts me. Seriously.

G loves the ketchup!

Note: The picture to the left and the knowledge acquired in the session took place without my knowledge, and not in my presence.

Many of our readers know that I have often been referred to as "The Condiment King." The rest of y'all probably know that I grew up thinking that ketchup should be applied with broad strokes to all meals in an attempt to improve the food. My parents endured many an embarrassing moment as I inquired of every waiter, "May I please have some ketchup?"

Apparently, Gabby not only enjoyed dipping her fish sticks into the ketchup, but eventually tossed the fish sticks aside and went for the ketchup directly with her hands. Yummy.

Welcome to the jungle.

Gabby absolutely loves the playground. In the picture to the right, she's at a playground in Canton while visiting her friend, James. The two of them had a great time sliding, climbing and running around. Not to mention the plentitude of rocks acquired in their shoes, pants, and mouths!

Well, B and I tried to bring a little of the playground home with us. I hung a swing in the backyard, but I learned that she only likes playgrounds with the following criteria:
1 - Lots of older children.
2 - Lots of garbage.
3 - Space to run away from Mama and Dada.

Needless to say our backyard swing has seldom been used. Oh well, we tried.

An original Mallrat.

On a recent Saturday, G and I decided to blow-off the torrential rain and spend the morning at the mall with her Sabah. As I think back now, this was the same mall that I used to work at and hang out in in high school. Funny how some things come full-circle.

We had a great time strolling through the place, pointing out things, etc. At several points, Gabby wanted to walk while holding both my hand and Sabah's. She even got a bit of "1-2-3--Ooopah!"

MMM. Bagels!

Some highlights: Gabby's first bagel w/ cream cheese. She grabbed her Sabah's and started munching. She didn't finish it my any means, but she liked it.

While Sabah and I were in RadioShack discussing the answers to our questions, I spied lil' G riding on a radio-controlled Hummer. Classic.

My future's so bright, I've gotta wear shades!!!

Each morning that Gabby and I get ready for daycare, I prepare her a waffle or a pancake for her to much as we get things ready. On one morning, she thought it was time for summer to begin, so the shades came out. I agree, I'm ready for the summer too.

Be careful Gabby!

One morning while getting us ready for daycare/work, I noticed that G was being awfully quiet in the living room. I was busy preparing her food for the day, but I thought, "Hmmm. Maybe I should glance at what she's doing." So I did. The picture at the left is what I found. Gabby's quite the climber. She started out on the floor, pulled out her blocks, flipped them to a side, and used them as a step to get on the bench, and eventually the couch.

Geez. I love her.