Gabby's coming into her own!!!

A good friend of mine recently said the Gabby is starting to resemble a "real baby." Well, I'm going to go one further. Gabby is becoming a little person. Between her spiky punk hair, active expressions, and wild murmurs - she's got a little sumthin sumthin. She's adorable too.

Last night, I taped a couple of contrast sheets on the wall next to the changing table. Since then, our little one has been mesmerized by the contrast and shapes, and consequently has forgotten to cry her lungs out while being changed. See it's not so bad!!!

Wednesday - Thursday


She's passed her first exam!

Today, Gabby's Aunt Marta spent some time testing Gabby for her child development class. The exam was simple. First Marta showed G a sheet with a few black and white contrasting boxes. G spent about 2 minutes staring at the shapes. After some play time, Marts reintroduced the boxes. G was still interested but less so. More playtime and then another round with the boxes - yielding even less interest. Next came the bonus points. Marta introduced Gabby to another sheet with more shapes and colors than the original b&w sheet with a few boxes. Gabby was much more interested in this than the first sheet!! Yay Gabby! She rocks.

Gabby also had much fun times with Alicia, and Meagan today. Yesterday, Sara and Shaun visited, alog with Donna and JJ. Lots of fun!


I can see the whites of her eyes

Lately, I've been noticing that Gabby's eyes are beginning to develop. Her pupils are now clearly defined as opposed to the "color" part of her eyes. And it looks like her current eyes are grayish...dark though.

Also, she's been looking us in the eye. It's super cool. It almost feels like she actually sees us. Too cool.

Today's pictures



So much to catch up on!!!

First off, I've been a little lazy on the blog front of late. I can't promise that it won't happen again. Hopefully, I haven't lost too many of y'all.

Let's see. That last posting was on Wednesday. Since then we've had visitors. Paul and Rachel came over with Noah for a little visit on Wednesday (Noah's quite active and cute), and Thursday, JJ returned with his parents. It was the first time I'd seen JJ in his latest incarnation. He is getting so big. His cheeks are super cute. Friday brought a nice visit from Wulia McShaw. They brought sushi and laughs. Good times had by all. Saturday was laid back with a visit from Babci, and Bobie, and Auntie Rae. And finally, Sunday brought a return visit from Bobie and Auntie Rae, as well as Nancy and Saba!!! Are you tuckered out? Yeah we are too.

Now here're a few thoughts. As Arsenio Hall and CC and the Music Factory once said, these are things that make you go "Hmmmm."

  1. Maybe Gabby has a really fast metabolism? She eats and eats. She poops and poops. Doesn't gain a bunch of weight. Who knows? Either way it's not from me.
  2. Wow. The other day we got really excited over a burp. A burp. We used to get excited about other stuff - like - what? A tax refund? An unexpected laugh? But now we practically cheer for Gabby to burp. Crazy!
  3. Will Gabby ever lose her punk doo? She's got this kick ass spike thing going on. No matter what, it's always up in the air.
  4. There was something else...but alas I have forgotten.

And the pictures:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.