Gabby's Special Special Treats

A few months back, B had a great idea about incentive-alignment... She created a sticker chart to track Gabby's achievements. Specifically, G gets to place a sticker on the chart for either going potty (#1 or #2), staying in bed without making a peep until it's "time to wake-up," or going to sleep at night without making a request or crying (after her full bedtime routine).

At the end of each row of stickers, Gabby receives a "special special treat." One time it was a set of three new books. One time she got to make cookies with Momma. This time she got what she refers to as "cooking things."

Gabby’s Cooking Things

I'd be interested in hearing some of your ideas for "special special treats..."


Would you like small or medium fry with that?

We took this picture last week. It's the first photo I can remember where Ellie is standing with Gabby. I really didn't think Gabby was twice her size, but... like the internet, pictures don't lie...


Let's welcome another new Kiddo to the list...

I recently got back in touch with an old friend from my Turkey days. Turns out she had a little one around the same time as Ellie was born.

Please extend a warm welcome to Libby...

Ellie sits!! Or does she?

Here you'll see Ellie trying to sit... Does she do it? Does she fall over? Does Gabby kiss her head?

You'll have to watch the video to find out!

"Do you wanna jump, Dad?"

Every night, before bed, G gets the urge to dance and/or jump. For a long time, her jumps were all show and no air... But things have certainly changed. Now she's a pogo-stick...remember those? Here's a photo that she asked me to take while she was in mid-air.