My Name is...

At the store today, a nice lady asked our little hero, "What's your name?" To which G replied, "Gabby."

First time. Sweet.

Gotta have faith...

Today, I made a civilized wager with my dear wife. We were driving home from BJ's with a very very crabby Gabby. B wanted to give G a brand new roll of scott toilet paper from the 30-pack we had just purchased.

I told her, "You've got to be kidding! She'll tear it apart, and I'm not cleaning it up."

Alas, B was undeterred. B said, "There's no way she can open it. It'll be fine."

"Ha!," I said. "I bet you she tears that thing open, no sweat! You've gotta have faith in our little girl."

Guess what... Gabby had the car covered in toilet paper within 2 minutes. The wrapper was gone, the first sheets were unattached, and the mess was absolute. You've gotta have faith.

Gabby's First Trip to the Beach

We took Gabby to Houghton's Pond today, just outside Boston, and it was her first ever trip to the "beach." There's a little kiddie area where the water's less than a foot deep, and she loved wading and splashing around with her Dada. Some sightings of frogs and geese rounded out out trip.

For more pictures from her trip to the beach, click here.

Visiting with William

Yesterday we visited with William and his parents. Gabby loved playing with their dog (she currently calls all dogs "dah-doh") and their two cats (which she now calls "Mee," her interpretation of meow). William was enthralled by Gabby and kept wanting to get super-close to her, but evidently she felt he was invading her personal space, and she would tell him to back-off with a firm hand out (and a gentle push if necessary). For some reason, he never got the hint...he was a very persistent suitor! In this picture, they hung out together happily, while Joe read them both a book. Posted by Picasa