More family fun!

Did I mention that "Auntie" Meagan also came down to visit from Boston this week? Gabby's been thoroughly enjoying having an extra Auntie around to spoil her. Yesterday the gang picked Gabby up early from daycare to take her swimming at Uncle Jay's pool! What a treat!

Gabby took swimming lessons at school (really just water acclimation classes at this age) and now really loves being in the pool. So much so that she wanted to jump in on her own, but everyone had to remind her than she could only go in with an adult, so she yelled, "Adult! Adult!" until someone finally took her in!

Four months!

Ellie turned four-months old on Sunday. Here are some pictures to show you what she's up to at four months!

Ellie loves to pull herself up to sitting, and especially to standing, whenever she's given the opporunity...

...and especially if it gives a better opportunity to cram her yummy hand into her little mouth. Eating her hands seems to be her favorite passtime these days:
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Ellie with some of the men in her life

This week, Papa came to visit from Boston; therefore, many Aunties and Uncles have taken vacation to spend lots of quality family-time together. This has been a real treat for Gabby, who thrives on all that extra attention, but don't worry, Ellie's been getting her fair share, too. Here, Ellie enjoys some quality time with some of the favorite men in her life.
Uncle Jay reads Ellie a story:
Papa entertains his littlest grand-daughter:

Uncle Shaun takes his turn playing with Ellie, too:
That's one lucky baby, we've got!!!