So I had an idea...

I'm sitting here in Austin, on a Saturday night, holding down the fort, and I decided to check out some of our sister blogs... Here's what I found...

Luke's blog hasn't been updated since the Patriots weren't favored to go all the way. No excuse.

Martin's going to be a big brother.

The Weiss blog is lagging, but hey...I know for a fact that there's been a lot of activity in that house - in anticipation of the coming addition.

Lily's dancing. Kind of resembles Luke. Might they have a future?

While the link to Vincent's blog from Luke's doesn't work...ours does. Anyway, I wish them the best on their hard drive issue...may the karmic winds blow your way.

Reno's got some new pictures up...and check out this family portrait. Are we ready for a baby again?? Check out Dylan. Baby's are so tiny. Yikes!

The Rotten Rabbi posted a hilarious video. Thanks, Yaneev.

And then I returned to our blog... First thing I notice is that I'm going to need to update the counter for Gabby soon. She hits the 2 yr old mark on Tuesday. Yay Gabby. It's crazy when you think about how much she's grown from year 0:

To year 1:

To year 2:

And lastly, I also noticed that I'm going to need to change the other counter on our blog... B's about ready to pop. I've gotta get in the zone. I'm about to be a Dad again!!!

Night night, y'all.


Oh the weather outside is frightful!

As you may have heard, Central Texas has been inundated by some nasty winter weather this week. This morning, we actually witnessed some snowfall, and took Gabby out to check it all out.

Here are a couple of pics of the icicles and snow in our back yard.

Thanks for visiting me Uncle Kyle!

For those of you know who don't know, Kyle holds a special place of honor in the Cohen family, because he's the person who introduced Gabby's parents! This weekend was the first time he met Gabby.

Post-Holiday Festivities!

This past weekend, we hosted a little post-holiday holiday gathering at our place. First the kiddos has some delicious snacks and din-din.

(Turned out it was lots more snacks that dinner, but hey, it was a special occasion).

Dinner time! Clockwise: Luke, Martin, Zach, and Gabby chow down.

Then the chaos ensued, when we had our first toddler gift swap!