This is how we dress for the park in Boston in mid March!

For those of you who also follow "Tiny D" and "Wee Z" via their blogs, G wanted to blow them a big raspberry for all their mocking photos in shorts and T-shirts this past week.

On Wednesday, the "feels like" temperature broke 32, so I decided to take Gabby to the park. This is how she dressed for the park this week!!!


Amazingly, this weekend we're having a heat wave and it may break 60, so we'll probably be able to go out without the hat and snowpants for once. Woo hoo! More photos to follow, if we do make it out on the town! Posted by Picasa


Visiting with James and Donna

On Monday we had lots of visitors. We babysat cousin Kayla while Stephanie went to an orientation, then we were joined by Donna and James, and later Stephanie and her friend Beth. The kids took turns napping, and the ladies enjoyed lunch together. After naps, Gabby said good-bye to her cousin and had fun playing with James.

Gabby's Weekend

Gabby had an eventful weekend, spending lots of time with family. On Saturday morning, Babci came up to visit (and Mommy and Daddy went to the supermarket...very exciting). On Saturday afternoon, Auntie Marta and Devin came to visit. We played a lot:

At the end of the day, G was tuckered out:

On Sunday afternoon we all went to Steven and Donna's place. Gabby enjoyed playing with all her big cousins, Sam, Alex, and Adam, and had fun running in the driveway with Bobie: