Cohen Vacation - Day 2 (Seaworld)

For the second day of our vacation, we headed across the street to SeaWorld. Yes, the resort (
Hill Country Hyatt) is across the highway from SeaWorld.

We started out early, and got there just as the park opened. We knew it was going to be a hot day, like always in Texas, so we broke out the sunscreen immediately.

After a quick potty check, we were off to the Sesame Street themed Bay of Play.

It was a good low-key ice breaker. We saw a show with the characters, and then the girls got to meet a few.

We met...The Count, Rosita, Abby, Grover, Cookie, Zoe, and Cookie. Good stuff.

Ellie and Zoe did a jig.

We got to meet our hero.

Abby and Gabby snuggled.

The girls spent a lot of time in the stroller (so glad we brought it) being chauffeured between the attractions.

Of course, we saw Shamu.

All in all, it was a great day. Some tips we thought we'd share (some we used, some we wished we knew)...
  1. Bring sunscreen, and use it.
  2. Bring a stroller if the kids are going to slow you down.
  3. Don't buy the All Day food wristbands if you've got little kids. No need.
  4. Do bring some food to the park (smuggle it in your bag). We had some snacks in a white plastic bag next to a white plastic bag with sunscreen. It blended in nicely. (We got lucky. It was unplanned.)
  5. Use the food when you're sitting in your seats for a show. You're usually at a show about 30-15 minutes prior to it starting. This is a great time to have a snack.
  6. If you need to buy a drink (frozen or otherwise), get the kids souvenir cup. It's cheap, and the refills are only $0.99.
I'm sure there's more, but that's it for now.

We wrapped up the day with dinner, story time, and s'mores.

Princess storytime. Ellie said that she wasn't a real princess, because there wasn't a crown. Gabby disagreed.


We love this place (Hill Country Hyatt).

Here's a link to the rest of the photos!


San Antonio Trip - Day 1 - A success

At the Alamo.

So...we've had a lot going on lately. Tried to take a trip to CA with Gabby and Ellie, (Babci and Papa were going to watch Maggie and Ben for 6 days) but some medical issues w/Maggie caused us to cancel the vacation.

Now...we're trying to recapture a little mini-break with Gabby and Ellie. Looked at local Austin hotels/destinations, but after doing some research decided to head to the Hill Country Hyatt in San Antonio. Day 1: Alamo and Riverwalk; Day 2: Sea World; Day 3: Morning at the resort then TBD/head back home.

Managed to leave the house on time around 9:30. Spent late morning touring the Alamo.

In front of the Alamo Memorial.

Giant Live Oak on the Alamo Grounds.

Then lunch at Joe's Crab Shack on the Riverwalk.

Then off to the Hill Country Hyatt. We checked-in, walked around to see the grounds, played a little tetherball, then put on our swimsuits (or "bathing soups" as Ben calls them) and headed toward pool. Took a detour for ice cream sundaes, then off to the pool. After a little bit of figuring out which inner tube/floatie combo worked best for Ellie (turns out two-floatie-come-no-tube worked best), we hit the "lazy river" for at least an hour or so. Even took a little break to build sand castles on the little mini beach. After that, washed up the girls, and headed to dinner where Ellie started getting very tired as 7:00 came and went. Ellie chose not to go to bed (*surprise*) so we all watched a great Exotic Animal family show out on the lawn at 7:30 (sloths, and macaws,and tarantulas, oh my), then a horse-drawn carriage ride around the golf course, followed by roasting marshwallows and making smores. As we headed back to the room at 9:00 (well past their 8:00 bedtime), Gabby excitedly remarked "This is my favorite place in Texas!"

We got the girls into bed and were singing bedtime songs. Ellie could barely keep her eyes open but commented that she couldn't sleep. We laughed and asked why, and Ellie said, "I can't sleep because there's just so much fun!" A great day all around!

Needless to say...they both soon fell asleep.

Hopefully they won't be too tuckered out for SeaWorld tomorrow!


Ellie's Recital

From Ellie's Recital 2011

Gabby finishes Kindergarten!


It's official. Our big girl has completed Kindergarten. Check out first and last day photos... She's growig like a weed!

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Potty? Did someone say potty?

Yes. They both did. Today, Maggie and Ben both asked to go potty and then went potty.
"Wonder twin powers activate."

"Form of a poop!"

"Form of Pee!"

Love those munchkins.


Skiing at Keystone Colorado

Last weekend, Gabby went skiing in Colorado with Babci, Papa, Yaneev, Jay, Donna, and her dad. We had a great time, and here are some photos!

2011 02 - Keystone Ski Trip

83rd Annual Zilker Kite Festival

Well, the wind came 1 day early, but the sun came right on time. I know these photos don't look like a "Kite" festival, but trust me - it was.

2011 03 - 83rd Annual Zilker Kite Festival


Gabby lost her first tooth today!

Gabby's tooth has been wiggly for weeks! It finally fell out today!

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Dining al Fresco

I love that our first outdoor dinner this year was on February 21st!
Yay Texas!

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Skater Boy

Check out our cutie. At the park a couple weeks ago.
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Gabby & Ellie's Party!

We had a great time at the party today...enjoy the photos!

Gabby & Ellie's Party 2011


Sister love

Overheard on the monitor early last Saturday morning...

Ellie: (sadly) "I can't find my ducky. I can't find my ducky." (ducky = her blankie/lovey)
Gabby: "Ellie, you can come into my bed. I'll be your lovey."