Baby got going...

Well, my little baby girl is on the move. Ellie started her escapades with tummy time. This led to continual rollovers. Back and forth and back and forth...then came the rotation. She spins on her belly...but wait there's more!!!

When you remove her socks her little teensy weensy toes get some grip, then you couple those with her strong back, neck, and hands...and you've got lunging. I mean real pouncing. She throws herself forward...backward...sideways... SHE EVEN FLIPS IN THE AIR!!! Ok, she doesn't - but she could.



We got some portraits done today at Portrait Innovations. The girls did well - much better than expected.

family portrait Ellie Portrait Gabby Portrait

And we got a CD of the photos...here's the photos album...

Our trip to New England - Part III

So...here's the rest of the trip in "cliff notes":

Saturday afternoon some of our couple friends came to visit for dinner.

Sunday the girls spent all day with Babci and Papa while Joe, Cindy, and I went to Joe's cousin Curt's wedding in NJ. What a fabulous time! Here's a pic of some of their gorgeous flowers. I especially loved the sushi bar and I think Joe'd give kudos to whomever had the great idea to have a caviar bar, as well! Nancy was a gorgeous bride and everyone had a wonderful time.