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As you can see below, Gabby has officially found her feet. Kudos, young girl. Nice going. Also, last night Gabby became an angel baby...as if she weren't my angel already.
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We put her to bed at 6:00 and she slept without our help until 2:30am. Then went right back to sleep until after 6!! Boo-ya!!! That's my girl. It was the first night that B and I slept the entire night in our bed, without having a third party help with Gabby! Nice!
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In other news: I got off of work early yesterday due to the Memorial Day holiday weekend. So I picked up our darling around 3pm. With some time to kill until B got home, Gabby and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. It was not planned and was not thought out...so we had no gear. Gabby sat upon my shoulders and held my ears. Her arms are not yet long enough to reach my eyesockets or lips from the back. And we strolled. And strolled. Soon I realized that I should put on some real pants, since I was wearing pajama bottoms. We went back home and I got changed. Then back out on the town. It was at that point that I decided to walk to the T station and meet B. Recognizing that once we began the arduous 5 min trek, there would be no turning back, I bit my lip, Gabby drooled on my head, and we decided to do it. No biggie. G had a great time. I could hear her squawking above me and felt her looking all around. Then...whoops. Can you say S-P-I-T-U-P?? Well I can, and Gabby did. All over herself and my head...it was dripping onto my shirt. So what's a modern new millenium Dad to do but rub in the partially digested milk and keep trucking. Sometimes life throws you a sloppy curveball. You've just gotta grab it rub it around in the dirt and chuck it back. Gabby spitup again on my head on the way home. Nice. Gabby, you rock.

One more item: I was driving miss G to daycare yesterday, and watched the reflection of the reflection of her gently remove her pacifier using the clip strap, grab the pacifier and strap as an exersize toy - pulling it apart as best she could...then place the pacifier back into her mouth. How's that for motor skills? Ok. When she put the pacifier back in her mouth it was backwards. But nevertheless, I was impressed.

Pictures - May 23, and May 26