She's passed her first exam!

Today, Gabby's Aunt Marta spent some time testing Gabby for her child development class. The exam was simple. First Marta showed G a sheet with a few black and white contrasting boxes. G spent about 2 minutes staring at the shapes. After some play time, Marts reintroduced the boxes. G was still interested but less so. More playtime and then another round with the boxes - yielding even less interest. Next came the bonus points. Marta introduced Gabby to another sheet with more shapes and colors than the original b&w sheet with a few boxes. Gabby was much more interested in this than the first sheet!! Yay Gabby! She rocks.

Gabby also had much fun times with Alicia, and Meagan today. Yesterday, Sara and Shaun visited, alog with Donna and JJ. Lots of fun!

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Anonymous said...

It is not surprising that Miss Gabby passed her first test with flying colors - I know that there will be oh so many more in her future and she will not doubt excel -
naturally this is from her proud