She grabbed me!

This evening I was doing my good dad thing, and I was giving the little spiked hair smunchkin a hefty burping session, after her bottle. All of the sudden she started going bonkers. There I was holding her over my right shoulder and "shooshing" in her ear, as I gingerly padded her back to ward off the spit-up forces... She started to get frantic, then began using her hands and head to get right in my face as if to say..."Hey, Dad!!! I don't need burping!!! Something else is wrong!!!" But as she man-handled my head and glasses, all I could do was laugh and smile. I got tingles up the back of my neck, when I started to understand that my little girl was trying to communicate with me. Then I realized that she was still screaming her lungs out - in my face.

So I changed her diaper.

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