Putting on the chubbles

Gabby's been putting on the chubbles like they're going out of style, and she's got a ticket to the wholesale discount store!!

Since our last report...ages ago...Gabby finished up her tour of Austin. She met many people and many babies... She also experienced lots of development.

I apologize for being so late on this latest posting...the computer I've had since B-school is on shaky footing. First the battery won't charge at all...and now the plug won't consistently connect. Normally this would not be an issue, since I can always use another computer...but the old computer has the pictures...so I kind of need it. Relax...I've got a plan. I've ordered a new battery, and it'll be here by next week. you'll get you post then.

For now... here are some links...

One, and two.

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grep said...

build your own linux box. do it for the children.