Pictures...And a Meltdown

I love my monkey suit

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of escorting our hero to her second day care visit. She's having a few transition appointments so she and we can get used to the idea...well let's just say things did not go well.

Can I get my whole hand in here?

We got there at 9 am, and by 9:10 she was crying. I let the caregivers try to calm her...it didn't work. she was full-on crying like I've never seen her cry shortly thereafter -yikes. She cried for 45 minutes. that's right -45 minutes. Daddy was not happy. Neither were the other babies. they went from calm sleeping to crying too. ugh. She finally slept...for 10 minutes. Then, she started crying again. for another 30 minutes. I decided it was time to head home. Guess what, as soon as I got her into the car, she was chill. Completely chill.

Mommy, read me more!!!

I hope things go better tomorrow on her third visit...

Yay!! It's my new toy!

Ok...pictures. Follow the links!

April 21, April 22-27, and May 1-3. Enjoy!!!

[This picture has been removed...to keep my marriage healthy ;)
It used to show Gabby on my shoulders...and my chest hair. Funny funny stuff.]
Where did G get all that hair??

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