Blanket update...

As you may have expected...the weening from the miracle blanket did not go as planned. After two days, Gabby realized that we were not "accidentally" forgetting the blanket. So she revolted. She cried and fussed and kept us up all night for two nights... We caved. But on the advice of many parental friends, we've decided to let Gabby go at her own pace. She's currently pretty good at sleeping with one arm unswaddled. That is a big step. And it's a step she can handle at this time. She is a baby, so we'll take baby steps.

One more thing of note, my little lady B has done a great job helping me with the blog these last few weeks. So you can thank her for keeping quasi-current with the photos. Here's to you B. Muchas Gracias, Senora!!!

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Auntie Rae said...

This picture is a hoot. I put it up at its maximum size and it looks like the little morsel is in the computer, reaching out to touch her Auntie Rae. Try it for yourself! Its a riot.