Daddy's been a major slacker

Hey y'all. I know, I know. Where have the postings been??? Well let me start by saying that I am a now a little older and wiser. That's not to say that I have a legitimate excuse, other than..."I had no idea how busy life would get with a little smunchkin!"

On that note, I'll fill y'all in on lil' g's recent developments.

Sitting: For the past several weeks, Gabby has been getting better and better at sitting up. Now I know what all y'all are thinking. "Sitting??? That's a development?" Yes. It is quite a development. Now, I'm not talking about tripod sitting. My little girl can sit up with her legs together or spread apart. She sits with one leg under her or on her knees. And the best of all she can go from sitting up to putting her face between her feet and back up again. It's kind of the reverse of bringing her toes to her mouth....which leads us to...

Eating her feet: She's been sucking on her toes for a few months now. Sometimes one toe (usually the big toe), and sometimes her whole foot, and a hand. I don't think she knows the size of her mouth yet.

Clapping: Last weekend, Gabby began to clap. There's no sound generated, and she kind of resembles the kids in an old joke that Arthur learned while doing community service. Nevertheless, she gets really excited by it. And I do too.

My feet: She's also become quite entranced by my feet. I'm not sure if it's a pure fascination with the sheer size of my toes, or what. Regardless, she'll stop what she's doing to stare at my wiggling toes. Too cool.

Let me make a prediction. Gabby will not crawl. She hates tummy time, and rolls to her back anytime she's placed on her belly. Couple that with her constant crunches and desire to sit or stand, and I think she's going to go mobile by scooting on her back, then straight to walking. I'm serious!

She had her 6-month appointment this week too. She is now on the chart. For her whole life her ratio of height to weight has kept her below the typical range...but she's beginning to merge with the typical baby path. she's still tall - 26.5 inches, and light - 14 lbs. 13oz., but she's growing up!

Ok enough text you say. Fine. Here's a picture or two.


Anonymous said...

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Auntie Rae said...

Well-- your blog has arrived! You got a ceiling fan solicitation in your comments:)

Straight to walking?!?! Really? I can't imagine. I have never heard of a baby going straight to walking but if any baby can pull it off, its the beautiful and talented G. Rose!