Gabby's getting to be quite the pro!

As I sit here on a Monday evening, typing away on my old b-school laptop, I just have one overwhelming thought about G... She's come so far, and she's got a long way to go!

She's pretty much sitting on her own for as long as she want to, these days. That includes sitting on a bed, the floor, the sofa, or even on a moving gliding ottoman. She's quite the pro - in that regard.
She's still not quite understanding how to move herself around. She rolls over - from tummy to back, but never from back to tummy - so there won't be any rolling across the room for my little girl. Though she is becoming quite adept at scooting her bum around - though I doubt it is intentional.
She gets into a sitting position on her own - though she doesn't know it. She'll reach for my hand, and barely put any weight on it as she performs an intense crunch/sit-up while pushing on the ground with her free hand. As soon as she realizes that she doesn't need my hand...she's there!
She's also beginning to build her confidence to stand without my hands. I'll prop her up and let her rest her hands on that same ottoman, or other piece of furniture...and bam! She's standing. A little wobbly, but standing never the less.

Ok - now I suppose some of y'all out there in G's fan club are a little peeved that I haven't included a recent photo thus far in this posting. As G's Bobie might say, "Tough." I no it's a lame excuse, but I'm tired and I've got a bit of a headache. And since G will be escorting us on a European vacation soon, I felt that I should update y'all on some stuff before too much more happens!

News break: G has recently welcomed two new friends to her gang. Molly C. and Luke S. We hope to see your blogs soon.

News break: G has recently learned that yet another friend will be arriving soon - in North Carolina. Rumor has it that a blog is already in the works, yet no evidence has been seen.

Gabby's now 7 months old. She's sleeping through the night pretty consistently too. We've continued her slow separation from her miracle blanket. Now we put her to sleep with one arm hanging out, and her lovey. Once in the crib and asleep we strip the miracle blanket. Well what do you know - Gabby prefers to sleep on her side. And she's the cutest little thing when she does it.

G's been making a couple of new faces and sounds too. She puckers her lips and blows - like she's trying to whistle - it ends up sound like a very very very distant wind. She's also started to make a quiet sound that resembles and "b," "p," or "t." Too cute. Lastly, I've enjoyed her reverse raspberries. It's kind of like a fish face, but on it's side.

With all these new sounds, I've been hearing what I think is a sneak peek of her voice - as opposed to her screaming. It's wonderful.

Lastly, she's also coughing for attention. I love her.

Later y'all.


The Hobbs said...

European vacation?? Sounds like all kinds of big milestones are happening! Blog spot is hobbsfam. :)

Miss you guys!

ZParents said...

Yes, where are you going, Gabby? Milan for a fashion show? The vatican to visit the pope?

j.w.cohen said...

Inquiring minds want to know. G has given me the authorization to infrom the public that she will be visiting her Great-grandparents in Warsaw, Poland. She has also bounced up and down in her exersaucer to convey her bewildering excitement.

Carry on.

The Good Rabbi said...

I'm glad to hear that Gabby is going to Poland to see the family out there. With any luck, she'll be a good travel companion, and not one of these screaming infants on the plane. That would be a *long* plane ride... Bring some extra whiskey. It always works for me (it's not for the baby, it's for you). I look forward to seeing the pictures and reading about the trip! Safe travels!