It's been a while

Sorry it's been a while again. Things have been hectic as Joe and I have been swamped at work getting ready for our vacation in Austin next week. We were supposed to be in flight at this very moment, but our flight was cancelled due to snow. Gabby had a bit of an adventure when our car got stuck in a ditch at a bottom of a hill on our way to pick her up. Joe and I walked the rest of the way to daycare, picked Gabby up, bundled her in her snowsuit (thanks Babci), slid her into the Bjorn and walked her to the car of Gabby's friend Maya's mom (who rescued Gabby and me in her mini-van, while Joe worked the car, and eventually got it un-stuck)! We got home just in time for Gabby's bedtime, and now we're scheduled to take-off tomorrow at 6:40AM!

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