Another blog setback...

Well...here's another post from Gabby's mommy.

Last night, just as Joe and I went to bed, Gabby made us jump out of bed with a seal-like barking cough. After midnight phone conversation with the on-call nurse at our pedi's office, she was diagnosed as having croup. After a midnight run on a 24-hour CVS for ibuprofen, Gabby finally settled down to a semi- restless sleep (and less restful sleep for her worried mommy) from about 2:00-5:30. After a bottle and some cuddling, daddy took the 6:00 - 7:00 playing shift, before G went back down for a nap. When she awoke at 8:30 we were off to Children's Hospital's emergency room (they have non-urgent hours from 8-12 on Sundays, for those of us whose peditricians' office are closed on Sunday).

During 3+ hours at Childrens, Gabby got poked and prodded (which of course made her even more miserable). She also got some anti-inflammatory steroids to ease the swelling of her bronchial passages, and more tylenol and ibuprofen for her pain. They also observed her to make sure she would drink, because yesterday we had a hard time getting her to drink any fluids, and now she was a little dehydrated.

After a good bottle and nap in daddy's arms, her fever was up a little (101.8), but she was in much better spirits, so they sent us home. She ate a little, then had another nap, and then another bottle (thank goodness). If she doesn't drink enough over the next 24 hours, we need to bring her back for IV fluids!

So...now we're all a little crabby and sleep-deprived. Poland updates and pics will have to wait.

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The Hobbs said...

Poor Gabby (and her sleep-deprived parents)!! Hope she feels better soon. We can't wait to hear about her adventures in Poland...