Visiting with James and Donna

On Monday we had lots of visitors. We babysat cousin Kayla while Stephanie went to an orientation, then we were joined by Donna and James, and later Stephanie and her friend Beth. The kids took turns napping, and the ladies enjoyed lunch together. After naps, Gabby said good-bye to her cousin and had fun playing with James.


Auntie Rae said...

It's really remarkable to see how much Gabby and James have developed. Just over a month ago -- at G's party-- they hardly interacted or seemed interested in playing with each other. Now, they are standing, playing and actively listening to a book being read. It's just amazing!

Svoboda Family said...

Luke says his kangaroo handpuppet challenges Gabby's Barney handpuppet to a smackdown during your next visit to Austin.

Gabby said...

You're on!
I accept your challenge!