What a difference a year makes...

Gabby reached her 14 month "birthday" this week. It occurred to me that she's no longer our baby. Well she's still ours. But she is no longer a baby...she's a little kid.

Gabby @ 2 Months

...and that's just fine with me. For some time, I was afraid of her growing up. I didn't want to miss anything and I was concerned that I'd forget how precious she was when she did ______, or how I felt when she ________. The fact of the matter is she's going to grow up. All the time. And that's great. It's not about me. It's about lil' G, y'see. So with that read, I'll go on.

Gabby @ 1yr & 2 months

Gabby is learning and expressing herself more and more everyday. Just this week, I noticed that she signed to me that she wanted her diaper changed. She's even begun to create her own signs...like holding the right arm out, and rubbing it with her left hand. I have no idea what she's trying to communicate, but it's clear that she feels entitled to teach us signs, the way we teach her. Crazy cool, I write you.

G has also been speaking to us conversationally. Of course we do not know what she's speaking of, but she clearly makes good points and great observations. I'm so proud.

Am many of our faithful readers know, I occasionally put Gabby on my shoulders. It gives my arms a break, and changes things up for Miss G. Well, she's learned to combine the actiivty of riding Dada's shoulders with playing "Where's Gabby?" "Where's Gabby" is a great activity. I usually cover her face or head or body with a blanket and then remark..."Where's Gabby?" She breaks free and smiles. Much fun. Anyway, lately I put her on my shoulders and she lunges forward to see me. Where's Gabby indeed!

One more tidbit, B noticed that while the gabster was reading in her room, she would sign to herself about the different animals in the book. Pretty cool...and a little weird.

That's all I got for now. She's grown a lot in a year. So have I.


The Good Rabbi said...

You know, I find this stuff terribly interesting. I'm living vicariously through you guys. These days, I don't have time to do much of anything given my crazy schedule, but I do make time to read up on Miss G's adventures. It always amazes me how the little things we take for granted are such a wonder to small children. I can't wait to meet this child (and see all of you, of course). Keep the updates coming!

ZParents said...

That's wonderful! Inspired by your posts, I started to teach Zach a few essential signs. "More" is ridiculously popular. Thanks for the pointers on how to keep Zach entertained, Gabster!

Svoboda Family said...

What a cute smile. Love the pigtails. Gabby's got about 100 times more hair than Luke. Maybe she could donate some for his baby toupee.