Oh Dada...What did you do???

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So as a little joke for the Reverend Grep, the dads of Wee Z, Tiny D, and Cool Hand Luke I went with the mustachio look. Gabby really dug it. Unfortunately, when I returned with a completely clean shave, our G refused to recognize me. She wouldn't take a bottle from her Dada, or give me a hug. I covered my face and played with her, hoping she'd recognize the voice and the spirit. She did. Then the face returned and she was confused. IT got better after a few days...but it was rough.


Svoboda Family said...

I'm sure Gabby was startled by the sight of you as was I- can't you see there is a big caterpillar on your upper lip!!!


ZParents said...

I am a converted stache lover. Go on with your stachy self, Yog!

grep said...

i defer to the wisdom Gabby. perhaps i judged the stache to harshly. ah, the wisdom of children... or is it judge not, lest ye be judged. mox nix. viva la stache!